Welcome to the plainlycanvas blog site! I’m Ali, I live in Auckland, New Zealand and I started ‘plainlycanvas’ around 4 years ago.

I have loved fabric, sewing and design for as long as I can remember. I worked for many years as an Early Childhood Teacher, and during that time, designed and created a range of products for children to make use of. Many of the items are made from heavy weight cotton canvas – carry bags, storage bags, dolls beds, boats etc. I also sew a range of products from lighter weight fabric – cloth dolls, tiny dolls, drawstring bags …… plus a very wide range of linen and bedding. I love vintage fabric, and spend many hours searching for beautiful fabric that I hope children and adults will love making use of.

There are stories behind all the plainlycanvas products – there are also multiple ways in which to use them. The products can be enhanced by adding collections of natural resources, fabric, existing resource collections etc. I believe there is so much to be gained by resourcefulness and by making the most of what is already around us. I sew all my products to last for many, many years.

I am fascinated by storage solutions, and the way in which collections of resources can take on whole new possibilities when grouped together and stored eclectically in a range of different containers.

From my years of  watching children play, as well my frequent visits to Early Childhood settings, I have noticed that there are many, many children and adults who absolutely love making use of fabric. I hope the articles on this blog site will help share ideas and inspiration, from one fabric lover to many others!  =)

Cloth Doll Set

a cloth doll set

Large Boat Beds

large boat beds with linen

Large Boat Bed - green

a large green boat bed, with a cotton ticking mattress

Tiny Dolls + Beds x 6

tiny dolls and their beds

cloth doll hammock

a fabric hammock with a cloth doll + sheet

small carry bags with fabric circles

small carry bags with removable fabric circles

outdoor canvas floor storage bags

robust, waterproof canvas storage bags.

Bedding and Linen for a dolls cot

dolls cot linen – made to size