How Things Started …..

The very first plainlycanvas products were carry bags. I had noticed that the children in the Early Childhood Centre where I was working, loved to transport balls and other small things around the place. They would often make multiple trips to and from various locations with their bits and pieces. I wondered if they would make use of carry bags if they were available, in order to move greater quantities of things at a time ……… which they did!

canvas carry bag and dolls sheets

canvas carry bag and dolls sheets

As there were several identical bags, a number of children would often collect things at the same time. Occasionally I would see one of them pick something up from a shelf, look at it for a moment or two, and then decide whether or not to take it! Once they had their bags full, they would often head off to a chosen location, and set up their scenarios, depending on their interests at the time – sometimes it would be a picnic or a camping trip, especially after the holidays!

My next range of products were designed with collections in mind.

We had some fabulous resources at work, but our storage systems were a challenge. Now and then we would rearrange everything in the hope it would stay looking organised, but it never seemed to last!

Eventually I began to sew storage bags using plain heavyweight, cotton canvas. I made square and rectangular bags to fit in our cubby holes, and tall thin cylinders that would fit inside the larger bags. Gradually our collections became housed in their new containers – I sewed until everything had a home! Canvas labels (written on with a fabric pen) were attached to patches of velcro on the outside of the storage bags and ….. everything stayed organised and easy to find!

This system worked well for us, and the fabric proved robust and washable.

rectangular storage bags + labels

canvas storage bags + labels

canvas labels on rectangular storage bags

removable canvas labels

scoops in cylinder

scoops in one of the cylinders

metal bowls in rectangular storage bag

metal bowls in a rectangular storage bag

And from shelf storage bags, to floor storage bags, dolls, dolls beds and so on ……. and on!

I will gradually add blog posts on the various products, and the ways in which children may like to make use of them. I will also give ideas for all the natural resources and everyday items that add whole new dimensions to the plainlycanvas products.

Thanks for your interest!

Until next time ……

Best wishes,


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